Dutch SIM card prepaid

A Dutch Simcard prepaid offers interesting advantages for all tourists who want to make cheap calls during their stay in the Netherlands. Are you going on a holiday or business trip to the Netherlands and do you want to be able to call and use mobile internet at an affordable rate immediately after arrival? Then you can go to the L-mobi store at the airport for a prepaid Dutch Simcard. You can pick up this L-mobi Mobile SIM card for free.

Calling in NL; what’s up with that?

Not all countries worldwide use the same mobile network. There are countries that use the CDMA network and there are countries that use the GSM network. In the Netherlands, the GSM network is used. If you come from a country that uses the CDMA network, it may take a little more effort to connect to the Dutch network. Still, because the Netherlands has one of the best mobile networks in Europe, in most cases it will be possible to establish a connection. In principle, you can therefore call with a smartphone from another country. Certainly financially speaking, this is in many cases not the best choice.

Why do you need a SIM card?

In principle you can use your own SIM card in the Netherlands, but for the vast majority of people this means that you will have to deal with high costs. The longer you stay in the Netherlands, and the more you use your phone during this stay, the higher the costs. You can prevent this by using a Dutch SIM card during your stay in this country.

You save costs and, in most cases, the connection to the network is also much more reliable. By choosing a Dutch Simcard prepaid you always keep the costs under control.

How is the reach in the Netherlands?

The reach in the Netherlands is optimal. Of all countries within Europe, the Netherlands has one of the best mobile networks for both calling and mobile internet. In most of the country, minimal 4G connectivity is used. When you use a Dutch Simcard prepaid from L-mobi, you are assured of 4G connectivity throughout the country.

Immediately after arrival, go to the L-mobi store at Schiphol

Many people want to call or chat with someone from home immediately after arrival. Logically. You want to let us know that you have arrived safely, you want to tell us about your flight and about your first impression of the Netherlands. You can do this immediately with a prepaid Dutch Simcard from L-mobi. There is an L-mobi store at Schiphol. Here you can pick up a Dutch SIM card for free. This prepaid SIM card can be used immediately.

What do you need to pick up an L-mobi SIM card?

The L-mobi SIM card is a prepaid SIM card. There are therefore no recurring costs, as is the case with a subscription. Because there are no costs involved, it is not necessary to submit an ID card or passport and a bank account. You do not need to identify yourself to pick up this free SIM card at the L-mobi store at Schiphol. Anyone can pick up this free Dutch Simcard prepaid. You don’t need anything for this.

You get 1 GB of data as a gift with L-mobi!

A very attractive advantage of a Dutch Simcard prepaid from L-mobi is that you immediately receive 1 GB of data with it when you pick it up. So you can use mobile internet directly with your Dutch SIM card, without having to top up first. This is ideal, for example, to immediately send a WhatsApp message that you have arrived safely at the Dutch airport. In addition, you can also use the free 1 GB data to top up your SIM card for the first time via the mobile network.

L-mobi is the cheapest prepaid provider

L-mobi is the cheapest prepaid provider in the Netherlands. So you can use your Dutch Simcard prepaid without any worries. Because it is a prepaid solution, you always have your expenses under control. In addition, you get the most out of every top-up amount, because you benefit from the cheapest rates. For example, calling and mobile internet in the Netherlands is very attractive with a prepaid Dutch Simcard from L-mobi.

You can easily top up online

It is not necessary to go to a store to top up your L-mobi Dutch Simcard prepaid. You can easily top up your Dutch SIM card online. So you don’t need anything more than your own phone with the L-mobi SIM card and of course mobile internet. Because you get 1 GB of data for free on your Dutch SIM card from this provider, you can top up directly via the internet if you want. You will then have direct credit on your SIM card to be able to call cheaply.

Take advantage of a prepaid Dutch Simcard

Do you also want to take advantage of the benefits of a prepaid Dutch Simcard from L-mobi immediately after arrival in the Netherlands? Then go to the L-mobi store at the airport after arrival and immediately pick up your Dutch Simcard prepaid with 1 GB of free data!

Top-up online

Any time, any place, L-mobi makes topping-up effortless