2 Year bundles top up

2 year-long benefit, no connection fee and you can always top up extra credit

1 GB 2+2 Year


Top up

2 GB 2+2 Year


Top up

3 GB 2+2 Year


Top up

When you purchase a 2 year bundle from L-mobi, you pay once. You can then enjoy your bundle for no less than two years.

• You will receive your 2 year bundle on your current L-mobi SIM card, which you can use to make calls, use the internet and send text messages directly.
• Pay once and you will receive GB data, minutes and SMS every month for 24 months (depending on the chosen bundle).
• You decide when you want to buy extra credit.
• The L-mobi SIM card is a prepaid product, which means that no bank details are linked to the SIM card.
• With L-mobi you can call on the safe and reliable KPN network.